Charitable fundraising is a widely regulated industry. Associated Community Services has a compliance team that is dedicated to compliance and continuously monitors changes in state laws to ensure that they are always current with professional fundraising regulatory compliance. ACS promptly addresses requests by donors to be placed on a client’s Do Not Call list.


Associated Community Services understands that state and federal Do Not Call laws are the most recognized consumer protection initiatives in modern history. Consumer requests to be placed on a client’s Do Not Call list are handled daily. Associated Community Services immediately addresses all concerns and complaints, and promptly honors consumer requests to be placed on a client’s Do Not Call list.


It is important to note that ACS assigns a substantial number of supervisors and trainers to monitor the marketing agents. With a ratio of supervisors to marketing personnel of less than one (1) to twelve (12), these experienced individuals are available to answer questions and provide immediate support. All pledged donations are confirmed through a separate verification process before an informational package describing the charity programs is sent to the donor. Furthermore, each fundraising representative is randomly monitored by a separate Quality Control unit and evaluated on their adherence to company policies mandatory disclosures.




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