Executive Team

Dick Cole

Dick ColeAfter 38 years in the telemarketing industry, it could be said that Dick’s interest in professional fundraising became his life’s work when he realized that it was possible to help people, while also building a successful business for his family. Remembering his father’s words: “Be bold. Be good. And never be afraid to help others so that you make a difference in this world,” Dick smiles, confident that his dad would be proud of him today. Early on, Dick understood that nothing in this life had value unless you could help people less fortunate than yourself. Nearly every day through the media, he heard about the needs of cancer patients, American veterans, the homeless, children afflicted with terrible diseases, and the many other worthwhile causes. Dick recognized that he could combine his desire to make a positive impact on the world with his years of experience in telemarketing to create an incredible engine for good.


Bill Burland

Bill BurlandAs a realtor during the early part of his career, Bill’s progression into professional fundraising was certainly plausible, if not inevitable. Bill enjoyed procuring property for businessmen and women. The idea of helping his clients secure one of the most important assets in their professional lives was invigorating. Even more exciting, is the incredibly gratifying concept that he is now helping children in need. He is thrilled to help upstart smaller charities become established. Bill will always defend the underdog, the weak, and the less fortunate. In his own words, “I always felt a little contempt for the large corporation. I never cared for its methodologies and priorities if it did not involve the interests of people rather than bottom line, first. Here at ACS, the bottom line is always people first.”


Our top 7 sales executives have over 150 years of call-center experience. That number is significant to our clients as it means two things: steady earnings and longevity. ACS is well equipped to accommodate the most demanding clients. We exponentially increase your donor base, as only a select few in our industry are capable.



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