The substantial array of services Associated Community Services provides to its charity clients is augmented through a small network of partner companies. These business relationships have been carefully cultivated so that charities seeking assistance beyond pure fundraising can have all their needs fulfilled through ACS. The many additional advantages of working with ACS include:



Perhaps the most vital component of Associated Community Services’ business practices is our training program. All newly hired ACS call center employees undergo a multi-week, comprehensive training program focused on telefundraising. Our staff is trained to treat potential donors with courtesy, dignity and respect. The training program includes a thorough review of the company’s procedures to abide by ‘Do Not Call’ regulations and disclosure requirements. Before being placed on the sales floor, new employees are tested to determine their level of comprehension of the training material. Although our initial training is intensive, the education of our teleservice representatives (TSRs) is constant and ongoing.


Associated Community Services conducts daily coaching for its TSRs, highlighting our commitment to courtesy and reinforcing adherence to company policies and industry regulations, including requirements to deliver the appropriate message and disclosures. We also utilize an entire curriculum of ongoing professional development workshops to reinforce the company’s commitment to compliance and courtesy. We are constantly upgrading our knowledge of the industry and infusing that knowledge into our sales force. Because we traditionally promote from within, our employees are indoctrinated into the ACS way of doing business: Successfully! And that is great news for our clients and their donors. Persistent Education keeping us on top of our game!


Donor Retention

Associated Community Services is an outstanding partner for its charity clients because it excels at creating a strong donor base to support their various programs. Perhaps even more important than finding donors to support a given cause, is the ability to retain those donors beyond a single contribution. It is in this regard that ACS truly distinguishes itself within the professional fundraising community. We spend countless hours with our fundraising personnel in an effort to craft appeals designed to create a lasting relationship between donors and the charities we represent. Our telephone solicitations and written pledge materials aren’t simple requests for monetary support. Rather, they are a continuing appeal for ongoing action and support. It is this approach that creates a long-term bond. This methodology is supported through a rigorous quality control process that monitors content, tone and professionalism to ensure that a charity’s appeal is presented in the best possible manner.


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